Business Process Management (BPM) in itself can be a complex and stressful discipline for any organization, let alone perfecting it. Here at proceedit, we help ease these difficulties through offering you our unique set of products which, in every case, will help you to accomplish your goals and objectives with complete effortlessness. Check out our products below.


We offer you various interactive software modules to make the most of your experience with us. dyPAS, after seven years of analysis, development, testing and productive service, is already a solid BPaaS, microBPO and SaaS service platform, consisting of 6 modules and 18 dyBOTS applications, providing service to 15 BPM-RPA-AI operating processes in production.


Artificial Intelligence and automation lets modern jobs become more fluid and ensures freedom for employees from high-volume mundane administrative work. This can free up the workforce of an organization to continue to drive innovation in key performance areas such as customer service, and product development, and ultimately contribute to the bottom-line for the business.


Our products offer features different to that of any other when regarding BPM, RPA or AI. What differentiates us from our competitors is the unique product portfolio we have to offer; the features they present will have no difficulty in giving you the head-start.
See below:

Any complex condition applicable

This is a general functionality applicable to any field of any process class. Zero-code complex filter expressions can be applied to filter the recovered data to be associated to any field of information.

Any data source

Business process automation solutions developed with the support proceedit technology interacts with any external source of information: databases, webservices, and API’s with no programming.

Any 3rd-party app integration

As part of the dyPAS platform, proceedit has developed a set of very powerful integration tools that allows connection with any third-party app without any programming requirements (zero-code)

Deep integration

The deep automation of business processes requires maximum integration with the rest of the client’s applications (the “legacy”), with their databases and with the services and APIs, both external and the customer’s.

Full customization

Accepted BPM-RPA-AI processes must be perceived to the user and managers that it does exactly what they want it to do, that they do not have to invest a lot of time explaining their needs and proving that they have been implemented correctly and immediately.

One process model

Through a “flexible” BPM process of own development, we manage any type of BPM-RPA-AI process with a single process class (model) configured on the BPMS platform, avoiding the modelling, testing and maintaining of different a application for each process.


We deploy and operate any already existing or new created class of BPM-RPA-AI process without having to write a single line of code (“zero-code” paradigm); without programming or the possible errors that all programming generates.

6 preconfigured divisions

The preconfigured divisions of our processes are template elements that allow us to increase the speed of development of our automation solutions. Their catalogue is increasing every time we create a new process, by advancing the speed of development of our applications exponentially.

Field behaviour per task

By applying the proceedit process development methodology, the tabs, divisions and fields that configure a process are defined only once, even if they participate in more than one task of the process.



  • ✓error reduction
  • ✓deduction of exceptions
  • ✓dramatic reduction in the process cycle
  • ✓reduced labour stress
  • ✓complete traceability
  • ✓many more!

Superproven unique code

proceedit has a unique automation technology worldwide that allows you to apply a highly efficient methodology of development and maintenance of BPM solutions and, as a consequence, the ability to provide services BPaaS + microBPO with an ultra-competitive business model that powers the “pros” and solves the “cons” of the technology-methodology-conventional business model.

Centralize control

There is no complexity when applying proceedit technology and methodology because, by definition, there is no application development. All processes are 100% standard, 100% customizable and integrable without programming. The configuration and operation of all processes is managed from a single central point: the configuration catalog and the operating database. This acts as a command center.